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tell me about yourself.

I'm Brittany. I'm seventeen and i'm a Florida girl. I'm a senior in high school. I'm 5'1, and i know I'm tiny. I drink alot. Maybe drinking off problems, maybe not, who knows. I'm a vegetarian. I hold grudges. I don't mean to, but if you fuck me over, i'll never forget it. I curse a lot. I'm straight but I hate when people call out gays like they're nothing. They're not socially different, they just like the same sex. I make my expectations too high and get fucked over a lot of the time because of them. I push a lot of people away when I don't mean to. I'm open and care about everyone. You can hate me all you want, but I always end up convincing myself that you're not all that bad. I joke around more than i probably should. I care too much about what people think about me, and i'm constantly changing myself to make me better. I'll answer whatever, and if you're ever sad or upset. I'll make you happpy :)

I have a fucked up image of how I should look and always will, so please don't try to change it.

Current Weight: 120
Ultimate Goal Weight: 100

I just want to be skinny.
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